Celebrating WordPress’ 20-year milestone, co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little shared the stage with Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, for the first time at an exclusive event.
The trio delved into how open source influenced their lives and how they built their projects around the freedoms it ensures.
Coolest quote of the day…

Open source and AI are the two mega trends of the next twenty years, and the reason they are complimentary is that GPT4 hasn’t read Shopify’s code. It’s read Drupal’s code and WordPress’ code, and all 55,000 plugins and everything else, so it can write it. If you ask it to write a website, it’s going to write it in an open source thing. It’s not going to write it in these propriety things. From an evolutionary point of view, if you go far enough into the future, someday we’ll see even our proprietary competitors – the Wix’s and Squarespace and Shopify’s of the world, actually running on open source software.

That’s part of our vision with Gutenberg as well as why we made it an even more permissive license than the GPL. We dual-licensed it under the MPL so it could even be embedded in commercial applications, because I really think it’s so important that I want it to be in even commercial applications.