Integrated Marketing Services use the same marketing message across multiple channels. Simply speaking, it’s about meeting the customer where they are. When an integrated marketing strategy is executed by a capable web agency, you have one team working together to ensure that your social media ads reinforce the message your customer saw earlier on a YouTube ad.

According to Forbes magazine, there is an “Up to 90% increase in consumer’s purchase intent when having one constant message across multiple channels”

Any combination of digital marketing services can be used together as long as they are using a common message. Commonly, SEO and email marketing can be used to grow your newsletters, while video and social media can help you grow your followers.

The Benefits

Why do you need integrated marketing? There are several benefits to partnering with an integrated marketing agency, including:

  • Cohesive messaging

    one message that stays with your customer as they interact with your brand multiple times throughout the week

  • Consolidation

    a dedicated team working together on your campaigns, freely sharing ideas and information working towards your success

  • Flexibility

    due to the diversity of skills at their disposal, the team can (and often does) pivot so we can meet your customers where they are

Between our web development team’s technical skills, the creativity of our designers, and the knowledge of each of our channel-specific marketing experts, we can help you develop a strategy that will ensure that your business is successful on the web.